Safe Feed/Safe Food

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A Few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
How do I get copies of the Safe Feed/Safe Food seal/logo to use?
Once you sign the licensing agreement which you will receive from the Certification Body, contact the CB for electronic copies of the seal/logo for use in accordance with the licensing agreement.

The Safe Feed/Safe Food seal/logo may be used only on bags and tags of products produced at a certified facility, as well as on equipment such as trucks based at a certified facility. If you are certified under the FSC 34 program, you cannot use the Safe Feed/Safe Food logo on bags or tags of products.

For example, if a company has several facilities, but only one of those facilities is certified by the Safe Feed/Safe Food program, then the seal/logo may be used only on the products manufactured at the certified plant. The Safe Feed/Safe Food seal/logo may not be displayed on bags, tags or related items that contain products produced at a facility that is not certified. There are no exceptions.

If all of a firm’s facilities are certified, then the seal/logo may be used on any literature or advertising, subject to the licensing agreement requirements. Also, any time the seal/logo is used, a particular statement is required to be near the seal/logo or referenced by an asterisk (*). The statement must read: “This Seal indicates that this [food] product was derived from animals fed exclusively feed produced in a facility certified in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program; for details go to:”

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