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Join Safe Feed/Safe Food

If your business involves livestock feed or pet food, consider joining the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program today. Look below for information on how to achieve certification for your facility.

Review the following documents before you begin the application process:

For detailed information on registration and certification for FSC36 Safe Feed Safe Food, please use the following user guide: Re-registering and Adding a New Facility in ReposiTrak

Updates to the FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food Guidance Document and checklist went into effect on June 1, 2017. The new documents are listed above. If you have any questions or concerns about the changes, please contact Dr. Paul Davis.

To register your company, or companies, with the SQF Assessment Database, click here.

If you need any further assistance with the Assessment Database registration process, contact SQFI at or (202) 220-0635.

Once your facility is certified, a certificate and licensing agreement are issued by the Certification Body. Please sign and return the licensing agreement to the CB in order to use the seal/logo.