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Renew Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification
If your facility already is a certified participant in the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, it may be time to renew certification. Look below to review the steps necessary to achieve recertification of your facility.

SQFI will send the facility's designated Safe Feed/Safe Food contact a renewal notice.

For facilities due for the biennial onsite audit, SQFI will send the renewal notice approximately three months prior to the expiration date of the current certificate.

For firms not needing the biennial audit, SQFI will send a renewal notice reminder approximately three months prior to the certificate expiration date. Prior to the expiration, firms are required to perform an online self-surveillance audit and submit the results for review. If the review is satisfactory, a new certificate will be issued by the Certification Body.

Log into the SQFI ReposiTrak database click here.

If you need assistance in registering your company check out the Assessment Database registration user materials below designed just for you. Both demonstrate the entire registration process, from company set up to payment, click here for a PDF document.

Below are some additional resources/users guides:

If you need any further assistance with the Assessment Database registration process, contact SQFI at or (202) 220-0635.